• :: sígaris is

  • :: hello, what would you like to know?

  • :: what is sígaris?

    It's corporate communication. It's a graphic design, creative composition and marketing studio.

    Marketing, composition and design work together to define what to do (the strategy), to choose the most suitable words (the copy) and to define the look (the image) in order to create a message that makes people react.

    We develop concepts and build brands.

    :: what services do you offer?

    • Corporate identity design and redesign – Naming – Visual identity

    • Brand consultancy – Communication consultancy – Brand management

    • Marketing consultancy – Marketing plans – Corporate communication plans

    • Packaging design – Visual merchandising, window dressing and retail – Displays and POS design and production – Production management

    • Made to measure training in marketing, communication and design for companies and commercial sector
  • :: what makes you different from any other?

    Our keywords are perception, climate and coherence. We keep them in mind all the creation process long, you will ask yourself why we think about these words.

    • Perception because trade isn't a battle of brands, products or services, marketing is a battle of perceptions and senses in order to get a gap in people's minds.

    • Climate to create a suitable atmosphere to get people's attention and to make them listen the message we are telling them.

    • Verbal and visual coherence to carry out the clearest and the most identifiable message.

    :: where are you?

    We're in Cambre, in A Coruña (Spain). We can meet in person in your office, in our studio, having a coffee while we talk about the projects or we can carry out the whole process from our work chairs. By e-mail, webcam, telephone... technology is here to help us.
  • :: how's your work process?

    In our first meeting we listen to you carefully and we make plenty of questions to find out what you need.
    With all that information the specialists on the topics evaluate your case, we elaborate a proposal that we submit to you and once it's accepted we get on with it. It starts the creation, production and management to set in motion the plan.

    :: why do we have to hire you?

    To answer this question we ask you to think of why you buy the shampooing you use, the yogurts you eat or why you choose one brand car and not other one. You choose them because of what you perceive about them: the reputation, the safety, the success... How have they achieved your confidence or admiration? Obviously with good products and services but above all with a brand strategy developed for you. That's what we do in Sígaris, we create the message to involve people in the brand.