:: creative writing, correction and translation texts

Writing goes beyond joining beautiful words. It’s about using the right ones according to the purposes we want to achieve. Sometimes we need to use two words, sometimes two hundred, it depends on the customers you want to attract, what you want to sell or the image you want to portray. We create your company name, write your brochures, your web-site, your catalogues or presentations. And we write your blog too, social-media… You probably won’t realize how necessary it is until you see it yourself. Ask and we will see what we can do.

The task of copy doesn’t always start from scratch, you sometimes have the foundation and it’s only necessary to adapt or complete it. We can correct the texts you have to submit to your customers or to expound in public for spelling and grammar, or for the tone of selling: advertisement, presentations, final drafts, works. We can also improve the texts you want to use in your company or your project but know how to finish correctly.

If your problem is the language we can translate your texts, big or small, into Spanish, Galician, English or French. We don’t charge per word but for the whole work.