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:: Project title: Nicolás Pan brand redesign
:: Client: Nicolás Pan
:: Element created: Logotype
:: Briefing: The growth 'Nicolás Pan jardinería' causes a change of name and the redesign of the brand we have just designed years ago. The client trusts in Sígaris again to redesign the logotype. He tells us the new name, N. Pan, an abbreviation of the old name. He asks us to preserve the symbol, the path. Otherwise we are free to decide how to change the brand.
:: Result: We start by the new name and de symbol. We decide to propose a more neutral brand able to grow with the company. We use simpler typographies, we highlight the name of the company and the symbol is used like a graphic element. We decide to use just one color, a powerful green. The result is a timeless and neutral brand, less personal and easier to use.