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:: Project title: Corporate identity of Magnolia Concept
:: Client: Magnolia Concept
:: Element created: Logo
:: Briefing: Magnolia Concept is a floral design company specializing in creating floral decorations for events. Because of the kind of work that she does, she wants to communicate elegance and sobriety in her brand as it was the identity of an established and famous perfume. An express request of the client is to use the flower which gives name to the company: the magnolia.
:: Result: We start choosing a calligraphy font, which communicates proximity and sobriety, to continue the requests of the client. Then we decide to draw the flowers by hand to give it warmth and an old appearance which is reinforced with lines like that of an old notebook. As for colours, they are set by the client: she wishes light pink contrasted with a colour which doesn't take prominence like grey.